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2 Peas and a Dog

Grade 8 Science Bundle

Grade 8 Science Bundle

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Total Pages: 1,229 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
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Grade 8 Science Bundle | PDF and Digital Formats: Teachers are provided with 82 in-depth, engaging, and cross-curricular lessons to help their students explore and understand Grade 8 science. This 4-unit bundle will help you teach science without a textbook. Students will love these engaging and differentiated units that cover Cells, Water Systems, Fluids, and Systems in Action.

  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning, i.e. Google Classroom™. The unit also comes with Google Slides™ versions of the included lessons for 1:1 technology schools.
  • Curriculum Alignment: Ontario Science Curriculum 2007

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Lesson Overview:

Grade 8 Unit - Cells 

  • Introduction: Safety Rules & Cells Interview
  • Unit Vocabulary
  • The Cell Theory
  • Structures and Organelles in Cells
  • Plant vs. Animal Cells
  • Create Your Own Cell – Plant or Animal Cells
  • The Process of Diffusion and Osmosis
  • Candy Diffusion & Potato Osmosis Experiments
  • Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms
  • Cellular Organisms Inquiry
  • Organization of Cells into Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems
  • Organ Systems Infographic & Presentation
  • Mid-Unit Quiz
  • What is a Microscope?
  • Plant and Animal Cells Microscope Lab
  • Dry and Wet-Mount Slides
  • Cell Technology and Our Understanding of Cells
  • Perspectives on Cell Processes
  • Cells Final Unit Test
  • Sub Plans

    Grade 8 Unit - Fluids

    • Introduction: Safety Rules, Fluids Introduction & Unit Vocabulary
    • Particle Theory of Matter
    • What is Viscosity? and What is Flow Rate?, Experiment
    • Mass, Volume, and Density
    • Mass, Volume, and Density
    • Mass-to-Volume Ratio Experiment
    • Compressibility
    • Canada’s Wonderland Case Study
    • What is Buoyancy & Float or Sink Experiment
    • Mid-Unit Quiz
    • Pressure, Volume, and Temperature & Optional Experiment
    • Pascal’s Law
    • Fluids in Controlled and Manufactured Devices
    • Building a Pneumatic or Hydraulic Device (2 options)
    • Investigating Applications of Fluid Mechanics
    • Fluid Technologies Research Inquiry
    • The Impact of Fluid Spills
    • Unit Test for Fluids
    • Sub Plans

      Grade 8 Unit - Systems in Action

      • Introduction – Safety Introductions & What Are Systems?
      • Vocabulary
      • Types of Systems
      • Purpose, Inputs & Outputs of Systems
      • The Processes and Components of a System
      • Quiz
      • Work, Energy, Force, and Efficiency
      • Calculating Work
      • Understanding Work
      • 6 Simple Machines
      • Understanding Mechanical Advantage
      • Quiz
      • Energy in Mechanical Systems
      • Productivity with Systems in Various Industries
      • Evolution of the Cell Phone
      • Quiz
      • Pulley Experiment and Mechanical Advantage
      • Rube Goldberg Machine
      • Owner’s Manual Exploration
      • The Impacts of New and Evolving Systems
      • Meeting Needs with Existing Systems – Different Perspectives
      • Unit Test
      • Videos

        Grade 8 Unit - Water Systems

        • Introduction Lesson - Safety Lesson
        • Unit Vocabulary QR Code Scavenger Hunt
        • The Water Cycle & States of Water
        • Watersheds
        • Human & Natural Factors Cause Changes in the Water Table
        • Human & Natural Factors Cause Changes in the Water Table
        • Inquiry
        • Factors that Affect Glaciers & Polar Ice Caps
        • Atmospheric Conditions & Bodies of Water
        • Mid-Unit Water Systems Quiz
        • Virtual Water Treatment Plant
        • Testing Water Samples (3 options)
        • Investigating Local Water Issues
        • Bottled Water Case Study
        • Building a Water System Device
        • Global Water Consumption
        • Human Impact on Water Systems
        • Innovative Water Technology
        • Water Systems Unit Test
        • Sub Plans

          Resource Includes:

          • Detailed lesson plans
          • Differentiated Lessons and assignments (readings, videos, graphic organizers, interactive notebook activities, group work, projects, labs)
          • Mp3 audio files of each article
          • Detailed unit plans, answer keys, and assessment rubrics
          • Lessons are divided up with title pages for easy access
          • Student assignment choice and variety
          • Quizzes (PDF and Self-Marking Google Forms)
          • Unit Test (PDF and Self-Marking Google Forms)
          • Science Labs
          • Sub Plans
          • PDF format
          • Google Slides format

          Teacher Feedback 

          1. “This resource saved me hours and hours of time. I am new to teaching science this year and this has allowed me to have something to rely on. I supplement it with issues in our area, but I could use this resource without supplementing it. All of the resources by 2PeasAndADog are outstanding. Well worth the price for the time I save and the quality of material.”
          2. “Wonderful resource that made learning fun and planning easy! Students were engaged and enjoyed the learning activities!”
          3. “Great resource for Grade 8 science, especially in virtual.”
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