Hi, I'm Kristy!

I'm a middle school teacher in the Greater Toronto Area who started 2 Peas and a Dog to help other educators find amazing resources to use in their classrooms.

I'm a big fan of getting creative with your assignments - covering the requirements, but using multimedia (podcasts, QR codes, etc.) and topics that are engaging to students to do it.

Our units focus on providing a variety of activities (visual, written, group work, etc.) to keep all types of leaners in the classroom interested.

We've built in clear, step-by-step instructions for teachers as well - we know you're busy and we want using one of our lessons to be easy and help you reclaim some of that important time that always seems to get away from us!

I am always available for help, feedback and general chatting about topics and techniques you'd like us to explore!

Thanks so much for checking us out!

Kristy - 2 Peas and a Dog
Curriculum Developer