Why 2 Peas and a Dog?

Our resources are easy-to-use, clearly written and will keep your students engaged!

We use current topics, creative writing, visual presentation and modern technology to create lessons students can connect with. We've even built in activities to provide you with extra time in the classroom - perfect for catch up work, one-on-one meetings or just a little break!

  • Amazing resource! My students and I enjoyed the way the resource follows the podcasts so well. My students loved this activity because we weren't reading from a book. I enjoyed it because I could post the assignment into Google classroom and the students were not losing any materials!

    -Tamra L.

    (Review posted on TPT)

  • My students loved the activities in this resource. There is a wide variety of activities to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles. I really like the inquiry projects as well as the jigsaw projects - everyone is involved in their learning.

    -Christina H.

    (Review posted on TPT)

  • SO much fun as a back to school activity. I learned a lot about my students in addition to the data I was able to collect about their writing skills so far. My students truly enjoyed working on this and sharing things about themselves, their families, etc. I will use this year after year!

    -Olivia P.

    (Review posted on TPT)