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Six Minutes Podcast Unit Bundle

Six Minutes Podcast Unit Bundle

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Total Pages: 330 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
File Size: 140 MB
File Type: Zip

The Six Minutes Podcast Unit Bundle is the ultimate resource designed specifically for middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teachers! This comprehensive bundle is tailor-made to captivate your students and make your classroom come alive. With its engaging content and versatile applications, this bundle is perfect for a wide range of teaching scenarios, including bell work, listening comprehension practice, and even nightly homework.

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    Bundle Includes:

    • 205 Quizzes (Google Forms™ & PDF)
    • 205 Journal Prompts (Digital & PDF)
    • Podcast Choice Board Task (8 Choices)
    • Podcast Non-Fiction Article (Regular & Modified Versions, MP3 Audio Files & Comprehension Questions) 
    • Answer Keys
    • Student Choice & Differentiation
    • Print & Digital Formats

    Here's what you can expect from this resource:

    • Podcast Non-Fiction Article: Empower your students with a thought-provoking non-fiction article about the world of podcasts. This article is carefully crafted to cater to both modified and regular reading levels, ensuring accessibility for all students. With accompanying MP3 recordings, comprehension questions, and writing response prompts, your students will enhance their listening and reading comprehension skills while exploring the exciting realm of podcasts.
    • 205 Quizzes: Take learning to the next level with 205 quizzes that align with each episode of the Six Minutes Podcast. These quizzes are available in both PDF format and convenient Google Forms™, making it easy for you to integrate them into your classroom, whether it's a traditional setting or online learning. Watch your students demonstrate their understanding of the podcast content and track their progress with ease.
    • 205 Journal Prompts: Spark creativity and critical thinking with a collection of 205 journal prompts. These prompts will inspire your students to reflect, analyze, and express their thoughts on the podcast episodes. Foster their writing skills and encourage deep engagement with the topics discussed in the Six Minutes Podcast.
    • Podcast Choice Board Summative Task: Ignite excitement and encourage student autonomy with a comprehensive choice board featuring eight differentiated options. Students can choose from two activities in each of the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Media columns, plus a modified option for further inclusivity. This choice board serves as a summative task, allowing your students to showcase their understanding and creativity ways.
    • Print and Digital Formats: Accessible in both PDF and Google Slides formats, this bundle offers flexibility to suit your teaching style and classroom needs.

    Teacher Feedback

    1. "My students love 6 minutes and these comprehension questions were an easy assignment to do. It really helped me know who was actively listening and focused based on how they answered the questions."
    2. “This podcast is perfect for grade 7 listeners. They love completing the 'comprehension' and 'journal' questions after. So quick, easy and relatable!”
    3. “Excellent addition to the podcast.  Loved and used them all!”

    Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to engage and inspire your middle school students with the power of podcasts. Elevate your ELA classroom to new heights with the Six Minutes Podcast Unit Bundle today!

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