Grade 8 History Bundle Confederation, Western Settlement and Changing Society

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Grade 8 Canadian History Bundle: In this Canadian history 1850-1914 bundle, teachers will find 39 in-depth and engaging lessons to help their students explore and understand this era of Canadian history. Topics include Confederation, Western Settlement and Development, and Canada A Changing Society. Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Oral, Media), History, and Art subjects are integrated into this unit.

  • Included in this resource are answer keys and individual PDFs of student pages to support online learning such as Google Classroom.

Teacher Feedback

  1. "I wish that I could give this more than 4 stars! It is an incredible resource that is inclusive of multiple intelligences by differentiating instruction and promotes inquiry-based learning opportunities. It includes everything that you need and is well worth the money."
  2. "This is wonderful! Very well coordinated with an easy-to-follow structure. Easy to read, great images, and attractive fonts/borders. The expectations are clear and the activities will definitely keep my students engaged! Thanks so much for creating something that my students and I will benefit from. This will certainly save me tons of extra time!!"
  3. "I LOVE the resources created by 2 Peas and a Dog. Her stuff is SO THOROUGH and engaging for the students. I love picking and choosing lessons based on the needs of my students/time constraints and I love how adaptable her resources are."
  4. "Wonderful unit! I love that it incorporates inquiry. You've included lots of activities that will make history more interesting. Thanks!"
  5. "Great bundle that hits all the important History information my students needed. The inclusion of reading activities allowed for easy differentiation with my students and provided me the opportunity to work with small groups. The information was clear and concise, keeping my students engaged through the entire unit!"
  6. "Outstanding resource. Could not have made it through History if it wasn't for this resource. Very helpful in a split situation. Highly recommended."
  7. "This is an amazing resource that thoroughly covers the curriculum expectations while addressing a variety of learning styles and levels. Who needs a textbook when you have this bundle...not me!! Thank you."
  8. "I am so grateful for this resource! Canadian History can be a bit boring, I was able to supplement my lessons with the activities, discussions, and projects!"

This Canadian History 1850-1914 Unit bundle supports a curriculum that teaches:

  • The background leading up to Confederation
  • How Canada's Confederation occurred
  • How Western Canada was settled and developed
  • The challenges and changes Canadian society faced as an independent nation at the turn of the 20th century

*******Regular and Reliable Internet Is Required For This Unit*******

Research is not included for inquiry stations. Students must gather the research themselves from a textbook, non-fiction books, or online sources.

Curriculum Alignment:

  • Ontario Social Studies Curriculum Grade 8 Strand A and B 2018
  • New British Columbia Curriculum Grade 9
  • Alberta Social 7 Curriculum

Bundle Contains These Units

Creating Canada 1850-1890

Canada A Changing Society

Included Lessons:

Strand A Lessons

  • Lesson 1. Why Do We Study History?
  • Lesson 2. How Did We Get Here?
  • Lesson 3. How Has The Map of Canada Changed?
  • Lesson 4. Life in British North America Prior to 1867
  • Lesson 5. Fathers of Confederation Monologues
  • Lesson 6. Politics in the Province of Canada
  • Lesson 7. John A. Macdonald Personal and Professional Life
  • Lesson 8. Confederation Advertisement Assignment
  • Lesson 9. The Pros and Cons of Confederation
  • Lesson 10. The Charlottetown, Quebec and London Conferences
  • Lesson 10B. Missing Voices at the Confederation Conferences
  • Lesson 10C. British North America Act
  • Lesson 11. Confederation Unit Test
  • Lesson 12. Primary Source Analysis Videos and Photos
  • Lesson 13. Legal Documents
  • Lesson 14. Settlement of Western Canada Inquiry Stations
  • Lesson 15. Manitoba Act 1870
  • Lesson 16. The Indian Act 1876
  • Lesson 17. Louis Riel Obituary Assignment
  • Lesson 18. Canadian Pacific Railroad Lyric Analysis
  • Lesson 19. Canadian Pacific Railroad Assignment
  • Lesson 20. Primary Source Analysis, Video, and Creative Writing - The Gold Rush
  • Lesson 21. The Chinese Immigration Act 1885
  • Lesson 22. The Arctic and Indigenous Case Law
  • Lesson 23. Numbered Treaties
  • Lesson 24. Residential Schools
  • Lesson 25. Video Review
  • Lesson 26. Western Canada Unit Test

Strand B Lessons

  • Settling Canada Top 10 Events
  • Primary Source Analysis
  • Historica Minute Videos
  • Canada A People's History Video
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Changing Map of Canada
  •  Important Canadians QR Codes
  • Important Canadians Readings
  • Changing Society Inquiry Stations
  •  Primary Source Analysis Assessment
  • Legal Issues and Changes
  • Class Newspaper
  • Changing Society Unit Test

    Disponible en français: Grade 8 History French Edition

    Need to go paperless? Check out the digital expansion pack for this unit. This expansion pack contains all of the student output pages in a Google Slides format. This will save you time at the photocopier! 

    Note: The expansion pack is NOT a complete unit. You will see the need to purchase the complete unit.

    Resource Includes:

    • Detailed unit plan, answer keys, and assessment rubrics
    • Detailed teacher and student directions
    • Interactive note-taking graphic organizers
    • Assessment for, of and as learning breakdown
    • Lessons divided up with title pages for easy access
    • Student assignment choice and variety-
    • Detailed teacher and student directions
    • Q-Chart to help students formulate good questions
    • Inquiry stations research folder cover pages
    • Inquiry station cards with detailed instructions
    • Inquiry station graphic organizers to help students with their research
    • Oral presentation assessment rubric
    • Historical content assessment rubric
    • Differentiated assessment formats