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Argumentative Essay Writing Unit

Argumentative Essay Writing Unit

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Total Pages: 363 pages
Answer Key: Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration: 3 Weeks
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This comprehensive Argumentative Essay Writing Unit incorporates scaffolded instruction, making it easy to use and engage students in learning. Differentiation is emphasized throughout, ensuring students can grasp the concepts effectively.

Following the gradual release model (I Do, We Do/You Do), teachers will guide students through each step, from understanding the fundamentals to independently crafting a well-structured argumentative essay.

This writing unit also includes a fun and relevant Rant Writing Unit that will introduce your students to the topic and captivate their attention. It includes videos of rants and encourages students to create and present their own. The unit also includes helpful examples for all topics and engaging and interesting student activities.

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    This Resource Includes:

    1. Comprehensive Lessons: 18 lessons cover all aspects of argumentative essay writing, including thesis statements, reliable sources, evidence types, formatting, and more.
    2. Easy to Use Material: Teacher-friendly resources for smooth implementation in the classroom.
    3. Aligned with Standards: Matches Grade 6, 7, and 8 Common Core and Ontario Curriculum Standards.
    4. Graphic Organizers: Regular and modified graphic organizer options for student notetaking.
    5. Scaffolded Instruction: Gradual release model (I Do, We Do/You Do) for effective learning.
    6. Differentiated Learning: Tailored activities to accommodate diverse learning needs.
    7. Versatile Learning: Printable PDF and Google Slides versions for increased flexibility in teaching and learning.

    Included Lessons:

    • Pre-Unit: Rant Writing Unit
    • Lesson 1: Understanding Argumentative Writing
    • Lesson 2: Engaging Anticipation Activity: Agree or Disagree?
    • Lesson 3: Topic Selection for Argumentative Writing
    • Lesson 4: Crafting a Clear Thesis Statement
    • Lesson 5: Techniques for Locating Reliable Sources
    • Lesson 6A: Exploring Different Types of Evidence
    • Lesson 6B: Conducting Effective Research
    • Lesson 7: Emphasizing Formal Writing Skills
    • Lesson 8: Introduction to Constructing Paragraphs
    • Lesson 9: Developing Effective Body Paragraphs
    • Lesson 10: Concluding Paragraph Strategies
    • Lesson 11A: Understanding Claim and Counterclaim (7th Grade Common Core)
    • Lesson 11B: Incorporating Claim, Counterclaim, and Rebuttal (8th Grade Common Core)
    • Lesson 12: Ensuring Proper Essay Formatting
    • Lesson 13: Creating an Effective Works Cited Page
    • Lesson 14: Implementing In-Text Citations Correctly
    • Lesson 15: Encouraging Self and Peer Revising and Editing
    • Lesson 16: Facilitating a Productive Publishing Day

    What Teachers Have Said About This Argumentative Essay Writing Unit:

    1. “I loved the way this resource organized and laid out the foundation of writing a good essay. It really helped me get the students engaged and truly understand what they need to do to be successful.”
    2. “Very helpful resource! I have never taught grade 7/8 language before and this helped me know exactly what to do with minimal prep. Thank you!”
    3. “Students do well at sharing their opinions and demanding others listen to them, but they do not do well at supporting their thoughts with evidence. This unit helps students to use evidence to support their thoughts, cite appropriately, and complete the requirements of an argumentative essay.”

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