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Back to School Activities Bundle

Back to School Activities Bundle

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Total Pages: 83 pages
Answer Key: Rubric only
Teaching Duration: 2 Weeks
File Size: 9.5 MB
File Type: PDF

This middle school Back to School Activities Bundle is specifically designed to engage and excite your students. This comprehensive resource is packed with 15 different activities for the first two weeks of school. This Back to School Activities Bundle is available in both print and digital formats to suit your teaching style and classroom needs.

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Resource Includes:

  • 15 Activities (Get To Know You Activities, Writing Activities & Creative Activities)
  •  Detailed Teacher Instructions
  •  Suggest Teaching Plan
  •  Rubrics & Exemplars
  •  PDF & Google Slides™ Formats

15 Included Activities:

  1. Student Info Sheet
  2. Interview The Room
  3. Hello Teacher Activity
  4. Letter To Yourself
  5. Seating Plan Choice Card
  6. Student Identity Art
  7. Summer Journal Writing
  8. Interactive Story Writing
  9. Back To School Bingo
  10. This or That: Food Edition
  11. Animal Babies Matching Game
  12. Items Matching Game
  13. Divided Image Templates
  14. Goal Setting Film Strip 
  15. The Lying Game
  • Detailed Teacher Instructions: A timeline is provided, as well as lesson plans for each activity, making it easy for you to navigate and implement these activities effectively.
  • Student Info Sheet: A simple yet essential activity to gather basic information about your students.
  • Interview The Room Activity: Encourage your students to mingle and get to know each other through this fun and interactive activity.
  • Hello Teacher Activity: Empower your students to express themselves and build a connection with their new teacher using helpful sentence starters.
  • Letter To Yourself Time Capsule Activity: Engage your students in reflective thinking as they create a graphic organizer-style time capsule capturing their thoughts and aspirations for the year ahead.
  • Student Seating Plan Choice Card: Foster a sense of ownership and inclusivity in your classroom by allowing students to voice their seating preferences.
  • Student Identity Art Assignment: Celebrate diversity and cultural backgrounds by providing a platform for students to showcase their heritage through art.
  • Journal Writing Summer Vacation Prompts: Get your students excited to write with six different summer vacation prompts that can be incorporated into an interactive journal.
  • Interactive Story Writing Activity: Reignite your students' passion for writing with this engaging activity, which is perfect for getting their creative juices flowing.
  • Back to School Bingo: Kick off the first day with an energetic and fast-paced activity that allows students to get to know each other in a fun way.
  • This or That - Food Edition: Spark lively discussions and friendly debates as students express their food preferences through this interactive game.
  • Animal Babies Matching Game: Test your students' knowledge of animal offspring with this entertaining matching game.
  • Items Matching Game: Strengthen your students' cognitive skills through this engaging matching game where students work in pairs to find items that belong together.
  • Divided Image Templates: Unlock your students' artistic abilities as they create stunning images using our templates.
  • Goal Setting Film Strip: Inspire your students to set goals and visualize their aspirations with this unique and visually appealing activity.
  • The Lying Game: Encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning as students play two different versions of the game, Two Truths and a Lie.
  • Print and Digital Formats: Accessible in both PDF and Google Slides formats, this bundle offers flexibility to suit your teaching style and classroom needs.

Teacher Feedback

  1. "Great activities to choose from. It's so nice not having to "re-invent the wheel"!
  2. "I enjoyed using some of these activities at the start of the year. I moved up a grade so I have almost all of the same students as last year so I needed some new ideas for my back-to-school activities! It worked out great :)"
  3. "I love how engaging all of these activities are for back to school. I've been on mat leave so I'm looking forward to using something that will help me transition into the classroom easily."

This Back to School Activities Bundle is the perfect resource for middle school teachers looking to create an engaging and inclusive classroom environment from day one. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make the start of the school year memorable and exciting for your students!

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