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Earth Day Digital Escape Room

Earth Day Digital Escape Room

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Total Pages: 10 Pages
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 1 hour
File size: 9 MB
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This Earth Day Digital Escape Room allows students to work independently or with their peers to solve 10 Earth-themed challenges. Students must solve the required challenges to "escape" the school storage shed they accidentally got locked in. Participants will use their reading and listening comprehension skills and any general knowledge about the environment and sustainable living to solve each escape room challenge. 

This is a perfect activity to help build community and engage students in social-emotional learning for 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. This digital escape room should take your students about 30 - 60 minutes to complete from start to finish. Times will vary depending on the students.

Once this escape room is purchased, the teacher will get access to a Google Form link that is 100% editable and customizable for your classroom needs.

No prep is required from the teacher or students - all that is needed is a teacher Google Drive account. Students can use Google Forms without having a Google account. 

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Resource Includes:

  • Digital Escape Room with 10 Challenges ("locks")
  • Detailed teacher directions in text and video format
  • Answer Key
  • Student Instructions
  • Reflection Questions

Teacher Feedback

  1. “This was great! My students found learning about Earth Day this way fun. They were engaged the whole time, and their curiosity was aroused -bonus!”

  2. “I am a huge fan of your digital escape room puzzles. I love the layout of the puzzles, the easy-to-use form, and the quality of the puzzles. One struggle is not being able to use the jigsaw at school but I give the students the answers to this one. Thank you for a great resource and a wonderful addition to my escape room puzzles.”

    ⚠️ PLEASE READ IMPORTANT: ⚠️ This escape room uses Google Forms, YouTube, and Jigsaw Planet links. Check that your school district does not block these websites. I am not responsible for district firewalls that block external websites. Refunds will not be provided for district-blocked sites due to the 100% editability of this escape room.

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