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Flexible Seating Choice Cards

Flexible Seating Choice Cards

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Flexible Seating Choice Cards: Flexible seating choice cards are a great classroom management tool. It provides students with variety in their seating plan, and as a tool to help students get to know more students. Works for class sizes up to 35 students.

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Instructions: Place the 4 square desk card on a student desk. Greet students at the door, and give them each a different individual square that they have to match with a desk card. Options include numbers, a deck of cards, a phonetic alphabet (some words modified for school use), and Morse code.

This resource provides several different sizing options to meet your classroom needs. Can be printed in colour or black and white.


  • 35 desk cards
  • Teacher Instructions
  • 2 sizes of teacher card set (small and large)
  • 2 sizes of desk card set (small and large)

Teacher Feedback

  1. "The variety of card types will really help to make this activity useful with my Intermediates. Because they're so professional, I know that my "big kids" will buy into using them. Thanks!"
  2. "I love that these cards are both practical and engaging. They serve a real need in my classroom, but they also keep students on their toes and add a bit of humor (the radio code is particularly funny to me). Thanks so much!"
  3. "I really liked this product. I used it during the last month of school as I had my students changing seats almost every day. This was a creative way to create a seating plan and it really got my students thinking to solve which pieces went with one another."
  4. "Students enjoyed the flexible seating choices. Fun way to mix it up. Liked the small and large card options."
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