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Grade 6/7 Social Studies Bundle Ontario Curriculum

Grade 6/7 Social Studies Bundle Ontario Curriculum

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Total Pages: 1,700 pages
Answer Key: Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
File Type: Zip

Grade 6/7 Social Studies Bundle Ontario Curriculum: For teachers who need to teach a Grade 6/7 split class this bundle contains Grade 6 Social Studies Strand A & B, Grade 7 History Strand A & B, Grade 7 Geography Strand A & B as well as a split grades teaching plan.

Resource Includes:

  • 108 Lessons
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Split Grades Teaching Plan
  • Answer Keys
  • Student Choice
  • Differentiated Tasks
  • Inquiry Learning
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Summative Assessments
  • Assessment Rubrics
  • Individual PDFs of student pages to post to Google Classroom™

NOTES: Internet is required to access videos in this unit. Research is not included for inquiry stations. Students must gather the research themselves from a textbook, non-fiction books or online sources.

Grade 6 Social Studies Lessons

Strand A Lesson Outline

  •  Introduction: Building Vocabulary & Map Creation
  •  What Shapes Our Canadian Identity?
  •  Canadian Identity: Fundamentals
  •  Canadian Identity: Indigenous Canadians
  •  Canadian Identity: Settler Communities
  •  Canadian Identity: Inclusiveness
  •  Historical Perspectives: Communities Inquiry
  •  Traditional Territories
  •  Migration Reasons
  •  Settler Life in Canada
  •  Economic Development
  •  Creation of Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut
  •  Community Developments
  •  Interactions Between Settler Communities
  •  Differences Between Communities
  •  How Did You Get Here?

Strand B Lesson Outline

  •  Introduction: Key Vocabulary
  •  Canadian Government and Global Interactions
  •  International Accords and Organizations
  •  Canada’s Role in International Programs
  •  Canada’s Role in International Non-Government Organizations
  •  Canada’s Crisis Response: H1N1 and Ebola
  •  Canada’s Role in International Peace
  •  Canada’s Global Relationships
  •  Canada’s Trading Partners
  •  Canada’s Economy
  •  Environmental Issues: Overfishing
  •  Environmental Issues: Canada’s Impact
  •  Global Issues Inquiry

Grade 7 Geography Lessons

Strand A Lessons

  • Why Study Geography? (As/For Learning)
  • Mapping Skills Review (For Learning)
  • Map of Canada Assignment (Of Learning)
  • What is Geography? (For/As Learning)
  • World Map Assignment (Of Learning)
  • Physical Characteristics of Landforms (As Learning)
  • Changes to Landforms (As Learning)
  • Landforms Quiz (Of Learning)
  • Land Reclamation Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  • Physical Characteristics of Water Systems (As Learning)
  • Changes to Water Systems (As Learning)
  • Characteristics of Climate Regions (As Learning)
  • Changes to Climate Regions (As Learning)
  • Climate Graph Creation Assignment (Of Learning)
  • Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)
  • Changes to Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)
  • Invasive Species Assignment (Of Learning)
  • Challenges and Opportunities Presented by Physical Environments (As Learning)
  • Group Scenario Learning (As Learning)
  • Natural Events Inquiry Stations (As/Of Learning)
  • Unit Test (Of Learning)

Strand B Lessons

  • Introduction – Canada: A Land of Natural Resources (As/Of Learning)
  • What is a Natural Resource? (As/For Learning)
  • Where are Natural Resources Located in Canada? (For/As Learning)
  • Where are Natural Resources Located in the World? (As Learning)
  • What Makes Natural Resources Valuable? (As Learning)
  • How Do Humans Meet Their Needs and Wants (As Learning)
  • Natural Resources Quiz (Of Learning)
  • Perspectives On Natural Resource Use (As Learning)
  • Current Events Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  • Natural Resources Extraction Methods (As Learning)
  • Effects of Natural Resource Extraction (As Learning)
  • Environmental Responses to Resource Extraction (For/As/Of Learning)
  • Taking Action: Organizations That Care (As/Of Learning)
  • National Resources Inquiry Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  • Personal Plan of Action (Of Learning)
  • Unit Test (Of Learning)

Grade 7 History Lessons

Strand A Lesson Outline

  • 1. Important Events Sorting Activity (For)
  • 2. Historica Minutes Topic: Explorers & First Nations (As)
  • 3. Canadian Settlement Objects Activity (As)
  • 3B. Haudenosaunee, Inuit and Métis (As)
  • 4. Map of New France 1700 Creation and Analysis (As/Of)
  • 5. The Creation of New France (As)
  • 5B. Medical Care in the 1700s (As)
  • 6. New France Vocabulary QR Code Matchup (For)
  • 7. Historical Figures Monologues (As/Of)
  • 8. New France Inquiry Stations (As/Of)
  • 9. Mid Unit Test Review and Test (Of)
  • 10. The Treaty of Utrecht (As)
  • 10B. Treaties and Pontiac’s Resistance (As)
  • 11. The Acadians (For/As)
  • 12. The Seven Years’ War (As)
  • 13. The Treaty of Paris, The Proclamation & The Quebec Act
  • 14. The American Revolution (As)
  • 15. The Loyalists (As/Of)
  • 15B. The Impact of the Loyalists Migration on the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (As)
  • 16. Canada: A People’s History Episode (As)
  • 17. Constitution Act 1791 (As)
  • 18. British North America Summative Task (Of)
  • 19. Unit Review and Test (Of)

Strand B Lesson Outline

  • Introduction: Top 10 List of Events from 1713-1800
  • 1. Establishing Upper Canada (As)
  • 1B. Métis & Settler Relations (As)
  • 2. Historica Minutes: War of 1812 (As)
  • 3. War of 1812 Overview Reading (As)
  • 4. War of 1812 Inquiry Stations (As/Of)
  • 5. War of 1812 Newspaper Article (Of)
  • 6. Results of the War of 1812 (As)
  • 6B. Mackinac & Drummond Islands & The Treaty of Ghent (As)
  • 7. A Question of Identity: The War of 1812 (As)
  • 8. War of 1812 Review & Quiz (Of)
  • 9. Life in Lower Canada (As)
  • 10. The Rebellions in Lower Canada (As)
  • 11. Life in Upper Canada (As)
  • 12. The Rebellions in Upper Canada (As)
  • 13. Rebellions Quiz (Of)
  • 14. Canada A People’s History (Optional) (As)
  • 14B. Legal Issues (As)
  • 15. Politics in British North America (As)
  • 15B. British – Indigenous Treaties (As)
  • 16. Conflict and Challenges Summative Task (Of)
  • 17. Unit Review and Test (Of)

Teacher Feedback 

  1. “It was nice to have a resource more engaging than the tiny textbook that we have. I also enjoyed purchasing this unit instead of spending time hunting through every textbook the school owns to try and align with curriculum. I really appreciate how the 6/7 lessons were aligned so that I could teach to the class then run a mini lesson grade specific.”
  2. “This is great resource to use with my virtual learners. Activities, videos and tasks are very engaging. Thanks for the resource.”
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