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Grade 6/7 Social Studies Bundle Ontario Curriculum

Grade 6/7 Social Studies Bundle Ontario Curriculum

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Total Pages: 1,700 pages
Answer Key: Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
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Are you a teacher facing the challenge of teaching a Grade 6/7 split class? Here is the perfect solution to make your teaching journey smoother and more effective – the Grade 6/7 Social Studies Bundle for the Ontario Curriculum. This incredible resource is carefully crafted to cover Grade 6 Social Studies Strand A & B, Grade 7 History Strand A & B, and Grade 7 Geography Strand A & B, along with a well-structured split grades teaching plan.

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Let's dive into the wealth of knowledge and captivating lessons this bundle has to offer:

Grade 6 Social Studies:

Take your students on an enthralling exploration of Canada's heritage and identity as well as Canada's interaction with the global community.  In these lessons, your students will gain profound insights into the crucial role played by Indigenous Peoples in shaping Canada, as well as the stories of settler communities who immigrated to this beautiful land. Additionally, they will delve into topics like international accords, trade agreements, peacekeeping operations, and the Canadian government's responses to human rights violations during the Holocaust. 

Grade 7 Geography:

Embark on a remarkable journey designed to help your students understand the ever-changing world of physical geography and natural resources. Dive into topics covering physical patterns, including landforms, water systems, vegetation regions, climate regions, and the challenges posed by our physical environment. As they explore the world's natural resources, your students will gain valuable insights into their types, issues, extraction methods, perspectives on use, the impact of use, environmental concerns, and the vital role of various energy types. 

Grade 7 History:

Immerse your students in the captivating world of Canadian history, seamlessly integrating Language Arts and History for a rich and diverse learning experience. Traverse through time, exploring key eras such as New France, British North America, and the Conflict and Challenges eras from 1713 to 1850. With these lessons, your students will not only learn about significant historical events and figures but also develop critical thinking skills and a deeper appreciation for Canada's unique past.

Resource Includes:

  • 113 Lessons
  • MP3 Audio Files of Student Readings
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Split Grades Teaching Plan
  • Answer Keys
  • Student Choice
  • Differentiated Tasks
  • Inquiry Learning
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Summative Assessments
  • Assessment Rubrics
  • Individual PDFs of student pages to post to Google Classroom™
  • Google Slides of student pages

This Grade 6/7 Social Studies Bundle is more than just a resource; it's your trusted companion in creating a meaningful and engaging learning environment for your students. Empower yourself with this comprehensive bundle, and watch your students thrive as they delve into the wonders of history, geography, and Canada's identity. Unleash the potential of your split class today!

Grade 6 Social Studies Lessons

  1. Introduction: Building Vocabulary & Map Creation
  2. What Shapes Our Canadian Identity?
  3. Canadian Identity: Fundamentals
  4. Canadian Identity: Indigenous Canadians
  5. Canadian Identity: Settler Communities
  6. Canadian Identity: Inclusiveness
  7. Historical Perspectives: Communities Inquiry
  8. Traditional Territories
  9. Migration Reasons
  10. Settler Life in Canada
  11. Economic Development
  12. Creation of Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut
  13. Community Developments
  14. . Community Developments & Antisemitism (New for 2023)
  15. Interactions Between Settler Communities
  16. Differences Between Communities
  17. How Did You Get Here?
  18. Introduction: Key Vocabulary
  19. Canadian Government and Global Interactions
  20. International Accords and Organizations
  21. Canada’s Role in International Programs
  22. Canada’s Role in International Non-Government Organizations
  23. Canada’s Crisis Response: H1N1 and Ebola
  24. Canada’s Role in International Peace
  25. Canada’s Role in International Peace (New for 2023)
  26. Canada’s Global Relationships
  27. Canada’s Trading Partners
  28. Canada’s Economy
  29. Environmental Issues: Overfishing
  30. Environmental Issues: Canada’s Impact
  31. Global Issues Inquiry

Grade 7 Geography Lessons

  1. Why Study Geography? (As/For Learning)
  2. Mapping Skills Review (For Learning)
  3. Map of Canada Assignment (Of Learning)
  4. What is Geography? (For/As Learning)
  5. World Map Assignment (Of Learning)
  6. Physical Characteristics of Landforms (As Learning)
  7. Changes to Landforms (As Learning)
  8. Landforms Quiz (Of Learning)
  9. Land Reclamation Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  10. Physical Characteristics of Water Systems (As Learning)
  11. Changes to Water Systems (As Learning)
  12. Characteristics of Climate Regions (As Learning)
  13. Changes to Climate Regions (As Learning)
  14. Climate Graph Creation Assignment (Of Learning)
  15. Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)
  16. Changes to Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)
  17. Invasive Species Assignment (Of Learning)
  18. Challenges and Opportunities Presented by Physical Environments (As Learning)
  19. Group Scenario Learning (As Learning)
  20. Natural Events Inquiry Stations (As/Of Learning)
  21. Unit Test (Of Learning)
  22. Introduction - Canada: A Land of Natural Resources (As/Of Learning)
  23. What is a Natural Resource? (As/For Learning)
  24. Where are Natural Resources Located in Canada? (For/As Learning)
  25. Where are Natural Resources Located in the World? (As Learning)
  26. What Makes Natural Resources Valuable? (As Learning)
  27. How Do Humans Meet Their Needs and Wants (As Learning)
  28. Natural Resources Quiz (Of Learning)
  29. Perspectives On Natural Resource Use (As Learning)
  30. Current Events Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  31. Natural Resources Extraction Methods (As Learning)
  32. Effects of Natural Resource Extraction (As Learning)
  33. Environmental Responses to Resource Extraction (For/As/Of Learning)
  34. Taking Action: Organizations That Care (As/Of Learning)
  35. National Resources Inquiry Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  36. Personal Plan of Action (Of Learning)
  37. Unit Test (Of Learning)

Grade 7 History Lessons

  1. Important Events Sorting Activity (For)
  2. Historica Minutes Topic: Explorers & First Nations (As)
  3. Canadian Settlement Objects Activity (As)
  4. Haudenosaunee, Inuit and Métis (As)
  5. Map of New France 1700 Creation and Analysis (As/Of)
  6. The Creation of New France (As)
  7. Medical Care in the 1700s (As)
  8. New France Vocabulary QR Code Matchup (For)
  9. Historical Figures Monologues (As/Of)
  10. New France Inquiry Stations (As/Of)
  11. Mid-Unit Test Review and Test (Of)
  12. The Treaty of Utrecht (As)
  13. Treaties and Pontiac’s Resistance (As)
  14. The Acadians (For/As)
  15. The Seven Years’ War (As)
  16. The Treaty of Paris, The Proclamation & The Quebec Act
  17. The American Revolution (As)
  18. The Loyalists (As/Of)
  19. The Impact of the Loyalists Migration on the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (As)
  20. Canada: A People’s History Episode (As)
  21. Constitution Act 1791 (As)
  22. British North America Summative Task (Of)
  23. Unit Review and Test (Of)
  24. Introduction: Top 10 List of Events from 1713-1800
  25. Establishing Upper Canada (As)
  26. Métis & Settler Relations (As)
  27. Historica Minutes: War of 1812 (As)
  28. War of 1812 Overview Reading (As)
  29. War of 1812 Inquiry Stations (As/Of)
  30. War of 1812 Newspaper Article (Of)
  31. Results of the War of 1812 (As)
  32. Mackinac & Drummond Islands & The Treaty of Ghent (As)
  33. A Question of Identity: The War of 1812 (As)
  34. War of 1812 Review & Quiz (Of)
  35. Life in Lower Canada (As)
  36. The Rebellions in Lower Canada (As)
  37. Life in Upper Canada (As)
  38. The Rebellions in Upper Canada (As)
  39. Rebellions Quiz (Of)
  40. Canada A People’s History (Optional) (As)
  41. Legal Issues (As)
  42. Politics in British North America (As)
  43. British – Indigenous Treaties (As)
  44. Conflict and Challenges Summative Task (Of)
  45. Unit Review and Test (Of)

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Teacher Feedback 

  1. “It was nice to have a resource more engaging than the tiny textbook that we have. I also enjoyed purchasing this unit instead of spending time hunting through every textbook the school owns to try and align with curriculum. I really appreciate how the 6/7 lessons were aligned so that I could teach to the class then run a mini lesson grade specific.”
  2. “This is great resource to use with my virtual learners. Activities, videos and tasks are very engaging. Thanks for the resource.”
  3. “This is an incredible bundle of some amazing units. Each unit is packed with great lessons, practice and assessment. It is very easy to follow, cuts down on planning time, and students were very engaged. Highly recommend!”

This bundle contains the following resources: 

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