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Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies Bundle Strand A and B

Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies Bundle Strand A and B

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Total Pages: 540 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric 
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
File Size: 13 MB
File Type: Zip (PDF’s)

Grade 6 Social Studies Strand A and B: Teachers are provided with 29 in-depth, engaging, and cross-curricular lessons to help their students explore and understand Communities in Canada, Past and Present, and Canada’s Interactions With The Global Community.

This resource includes answer keys and individual PDFs of student pages to support online learning such as Google Classroom. This unit is aligned with the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 6 Strand A and B.

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  • Regular and Reliable Internet Is Required For This Unit
  • Research is not included for inquiry stations.
  • Students must gather the research themselves from a textbook, non-fiction books, or online sources.

Teacher Feedback

  1. "I just love your products! This resource is amazing, comprehensive lessons that perfectly align with the curriculum, great student-appropriate resources, and readings. I am so looking forward to using this! Thank YOU!"
  2. "Comprehensive resources like these are lifesavers, especially for teachers of split grades. This was my first year teaching Grade 6 and this resource was my foundation for social studies. The activities and inquiries are well planned, meaningful, and up to date. Thank you for the many, many hours of work that went into creating this."
  3. "It can be challenging to find interactive and student accessible resources for addressing the Ontario Social Studies curriculum. This seller has become my go-to resources. I recently got switched from a 4/5 to a Grade 8 and immediately picked up their History and Geography units."
  4. "An excellent resource and very thorough! It is my first year teaching social studies and this is an amazing help! Thank you for taking the time to put together these wonderful and engaging activities."
  5. "This resource covers all of the expectations and has engaging activities for the students. What I love is that what I have noticed so far is that all of the resources are included or easily access (ie. links are provided for videos). That means I do not need to go scrounging around to fill in gaps or use a textbook. With a little work, these resources are very easy to adapt for online learning, which is pretty much a necessity now. Overall, I find this resource to be quite invaluable and it has definitely made life easier for me by as I do not need to spend hours planning, figuring out how to teach the lessons, and looking all over for appropriate resources for my students. Thank you!"

Need to go paperless? Check out the digital expansion pack for this unit. This expansion pack contains all of the student output pages in a Google Slides format. This will save you time at the photocopier!

Note: The expansion pack is NOT a complete unit. You will still need to purchase the complete unit. 

Strand A Lesson Outline

 Introduction: Building Vocabulary & Map Creation

What Shapes Our Canadian Identity?

  •  Canadian Identity: Fundamentals
  •  Canadian Identity: Indigenous Canadians
  •  Canadian Identity: Settler Communities
  •  Canadian Identity: Inclusiveness
  •  Historical Perspectives: Communities Inquiry
  •  Traditional Territories
  •  Migration Reasons
  •  Settler Life in Canada
  •  Economic Development
  •  Creation of Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut
  •  Community Developments
  •  Interactions Between Settler Communities
  •  Differences Between Communities
  •  How Did You Get Here?

Strand B Lesson Outline

  • Introduction: Key Vocabulary
  •  Canadian Government and Global Interactions
  •  International Accords and Organizations
  •  Canada’s Role in International Programs
  •  Canada’s Role in International Non-Government Organizations
  • Canada’s Crisis Response: H1N1 and Ebola
  •  Canada’s Role in International Peace
  •  Canada’s Global Relationships
  •  Canada’s Trading Partners
  •  Canada’s Economy
  •  Environmental Issues: Overfishing
  •  Environmental Issues: Canada’s Impact
  •  Global Issues Inquiry

Resource Includes:

  • Individual PDFs of all student pages for online learning i.e. Google Classroom
  • Detailed unit plan and daily lesson plans
  • 29 different lessons
  • Answer keys
  • Differentiated lesson and assessment formats
  • Lessons divided up with title pages for easy access
  • Lots of variety and student choice on assignments
  • Detailed teacher and student directions
  • Q-Chart to help students formulate good questions
  • Inquiry stations research folder cover pages
  • Inquiry station cards with detailed instructions
  • Inquiry station graphic organizers to help students with their research
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