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Grade 6 Space Unit Modified Unit

Grade 6 Space Unit Modified Unit

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Total Pages: 128 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 month
File Size: 29.7MB
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In this Grade 6 Science Space Modified Unit, teachers are equipped with 13 engaging lessons. These lessons will help teachers immerse their modified Grade 6 students in learning about space. Each of the 13 lessons aligns with a critical concept in the Ontario Grade 6 Science Curriculum but has significantly reduced reading and writing expectations within the lesson. 

This Grade 6 Space Modified Science Unit is for classroom teachers who are required to teach the Grade 6 Ontario Science Curriculum but have students working significantly below grade level in reading, writing, and comprehension. An MP3 audio file of each student reading has been provided. This resource was designed to meet the needs of ELL students and/or students on a modified IEP.

  • Curriculum Alignment: Ontario Science Curriculum 2022 Grade 6 Strand E Earth and Space Systems - Space

Please review the provided sample lesson in the preview PDF and watch the overview video for this resource here

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Unit Includes:

  • 13 Detailed Lesson Plans: Immerse your students in lessons that will keep them fully engaged throughout the unit.
  • Modified Lesson Content: Lessons have been modified with reduced reading and writing expectations. 
  • MP3 Audio Files of Articles: Elevate student learning and accessibility through audio recordings of the student readings.
  • Answer Keys: Streamline your grading process with readily available answer keys.
  • Lesson Variety: Follow-up activities utilize a variety of formats - cut & match, fill in the blanks, guided inquiry, graphic organizers
  • Self-Marking Google Forms: Streamline your assessment process by automating your grading.
  • Print and Digital Formats: Embrace the convenience of accessing materials in both print and digital formats.

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Lesson Overview & Modifications

  1. Introduction (Class Discussion & QR Code Scavenger Hunt) - Safety Rules & Unit Vocabulary
  2. Lesson #1 (Reading, Cut & Paste, Assignment, Quiz) - Solar System Components
  3. Lesson #2 (Reading & Multiple Choice Questions) - Light in Space
  4. Lesson #3 (Questions, Cut & Paste, Thinking Questions) - Humans in Space
  5. Lesson #4 (Reading & True or False Questions) - Space Exploration Tools
  6. Lesson #5 (Reading & Matching Activity) - Space and the Environment
  7. Lesson #6 (Reading, Hemisphere & Moon Phases Diagrams) - The Earth, Moon, and Sun
  8. Lesson #7 (Science Lab) - Sundial Creation
  9. Lesson #8 (Reading & Matching Activity) - Canadian Contributions To Space
  10. Lesson #9 (Reading, Cut & Paste Graphic Organizer, Quiz) - Space Exploration
  11. Lesson #10 (Inquiry) - Mission To Mars
  12. Lesson #11 (Unit Test) - Space Unit Test
  13. Lesson #12 (Unit Review/Sub Plans) - Bill Nye & Magic School Bus Videos

This Grade 6 Science Space Modified Unit resource is specifically tailored to accommodate the unique needs of classroom teachers with students performing significantly below grade level in reading, writing, and comprehension. This adaptable and accessible resource empowers teachers to provide engaging science lessons while ensuring every student can participate actively in their learning journey.

Note: The internet is required to access videos in this unit.

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