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Grade 7/8 Science Unit Bundle

Grade 7/8 Science Unit Bundle

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Total Pages: 2,060 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
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Are you a middle school science teacher in search of a comprehensive and captivating science program? Use this Grade 7/8 Science Unit Bundle Ontario Curriculum. With 150 lessons at your disposal, you'll be equipped to engage and empower your students. Say goodbye to dry and dull textbooks and embrace this exciting 8-unit bundle designed to make science come alive in your classroom.

Imagine your students' enthusiasm as they dive into topics like Interactions in the Environment, Heat in the Environment, Pure Substances and Mixtures, Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Cells, Water Systems, Fluids, and Systems in Action. Each unit is carefully curated to foster a deep understanding of scientific concepts.

Join countless educators who have already transformed their science lessons with this Grade 7/8 Science resource. Ignite a passion for science, foster critical thinking, and unleash the potential of your students. Get ready to embark on a scientific adventure like no other!

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    Bundle Includes:

    • Aligned to the 2022 Ontario Science Curriculum
    • 150 Differentiated Lessons
    • 8 Units (Interactions in the Environment, Heat in the Environment, Pure Substances and Mixtures, Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Cells, Water Systems, Fluids, and Systems in Action)
    • MP3 Audio Files
    • Detailed Unit Plans, Answer Keys, & Assessment Rubrics
    • Quizzes & Unit Tests (PDF & Self-Marking Google Forms)
    • Hands-On Science Labs
    • Inquiry Activities
    • Split Grades Teaching Plan
    • 8 Digital Escape Rooms
    • Sub Plans
    • Print & Digital Formats

    This Grade 7/8 Science Unit Bundle Ontario Curriculum is:

    • Aligned with the 2022 Ontario Science Curriculum, this resource ensures that you're teaching in line with the latest curriculum expectations. All the details are taken care of, providing you with detailed unit plans, answer keys, and assessment rubrics, so you can focus on what you do best — inspiring young minds.
    • Assessment is a breeze with this comprehensive collection of quizzes and unit tests, available in both PDF and self-marking Google Forms. Plus, hands-on science labs and inquiry activities are included to spark curiosity and foster hands-on learning experiences.
    • Worried about managing split-grade classrooms? Don't be! A thoughtfully designed split-grades teaching plan that allows you to seamlessly address the unique needs of each grade level.
    • As an added bonus, 8 digital escape rooms are included to inject an element of excitement and teamwork into your lessons. Your students will eagerly tackle challenges, solve puzzles, and unlock their scientific potential.
    • And for those unexpected moments when you need a backup plan, this resource comes with convenient sub plans that ensure a seamless transition in your absence.
    • Whether you prefer print or digital formats, we've got you covered. Our resource is available in both formats, providing you with the flexibility to choose what works best for your classroom.

    Lesson Overview:

    Grade 7 Unit - Interactions in the Environment (Ecosystems)

    1. Unit Vocabulary QR Code Matching Activity
    2. Elements of Ecosystems
    3. Ecosystems - Examples and Interactions
    4. Energy Transfer and Food Chains
    5. Biotic Elements Quiz
    6. Matter Cycling
    7. Ecological Succession
    8. Ecosystem Limits
    9. Species At Risk & Invasive Species Assignment
    10. Human Interactions in the Environment
    11. Indigenous Perspectives
    12. Environmental Investigation Case Study: Electric Cars
    13. Environmental Protection Stations
    14. Ecosystem Summative Lab (3 options)
    15. Ecosystems Unit Test
    16. Sub Plans

    Grade 7 Unit - Heat in the Environment

    1. Safety Lesson
    2. Unit Vocabulary QR Code Scavenger Hunt
    3. Introduction To Heat
    4. Heat Production
    5. Heat and Temperature
    6. The Particle Theory
    7. Heat and Volume
    8. Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
    9. Heat Video
    10. Teacher Demonstration: Boiling Water in a Paper Cup
    11. Student Lab: Melting Ice Cubes
    12. Heating and Cooling of the Earth
    13. Greenhouse Gases
    14. Investigation: Benefits of Technology With Heat
    15. Stations & Project-Based Learning: Energy Types & Solar Panels Investigation
    16. Unit Test

    Grade 7 Unit - Pure Substances and Mixtures

    1. Safety Rules & Unit Vocabulary
    2. The Particle Theory
    3. Pure Substances and Mixtures
    4. Pure Substances and Mixtures Activity
    5. Solutions and Mechanical Mixtures
    6. Solutions
    7. Solution Examples Activity
    8. Concentration of Solutions
    9. Saturated Solutions
    10. Saturation Lab
    11. Separating Mixtures
    12. Separating Mixtures Lab
    13. Positive and Negative Impacts on the Environment
    14. Tar Sands Investigation
    15. Unit Test
    16. Sub Plans

    Grade 7 Unit - Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

    1. Safety Lesson, Unit Vocabulary, Unit Introduction
    2. Classifying Structures
    3. Structures Video
    4. Centre of Gravity & Stability
    5. Force
    6. Show and Tell Assignment
    7. Classifying Structures Quiz
    8. Internal and External Forces
    9. Card Pyramid Activity
    10. Symmetry in Structures
    11. Structure Failure
    12. Manufacturing Factors
    13. Loads
    14. Structural Safety
    15. Design Factors
    16. Ergonomic Design
    17. Take-Out Container Lab
    18. Egg House Lab
    19. Unit Review
    20. Unit Test

    Grade 8 Unit - Cells 

    1. Introduction: Safety Rules & Cells Interview
    2. Unit Vocabulary
    3. The Cell Theory
    4. Structures and Organelles in Cells
    5. Plant vs. Animal Cells
    6. Create Your Own Cell – Plant or Animal Cells
    7. The Process of Diffusion and Osmosis
    8. Candy Diffusion & Potato Osmosis Experiments
    9. Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms
    10. Cellular Organisms Inquiry
    11. Organization of Cells into Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems
    12. Organ Systems Infographic & Presentation
    13. Mid-Unit Quiz
    14. What is a Microscope?
    15. Plant and Animal Cells Microscope Lab
    16. Dry and Wet-Mount Slides
    17. Cell Technology and Our Understanding of Cells
    18. Perspectives on Cell Processes
    19. Cells Final Unit Test
    20. Sub Plans

    Grade 8 Unit - Fluids

    1. Introduction: Safety Rules, Fluids Introduction & Unit Vocabulary
    2. Particle Theory of Matter
    3. What is Viscosity? and What is Flow Rate?, Experiment
    4. Mass, Volume, and Density
    5. Mass, Volume, and Density
    6. Mass-to-Volume Ratio Experiment
    7. Compressibility
    8. Canada’s Wonderland Case Study
    9. What is Buoyancy & Float or Sink Experiment
    10. Mid-Unit Quiz
    11. Pressure, Volume, and Temperature & Optional Experiment
    12. Pascal’s Law
    13. Fluids in Controlled and Manufactured Devices
    14. Building a Pneumatic or Hydraulic Device (2 options)
    15. Investigating Applications of Fluid Mechanics
    16. Fluid Technologies Research Inquiry
    17. The Impact of Fluid Spills
    18. Unit Test for Fluids
    19. Sub Plans

    Grade 8 Unit - Systems in Action

    1. Introduction – Safety Introductions & What Are Systems?
    2. Vocabulary
    3. Types of Systems
    4. Purpose, Inputs & Outputs of Systems
    5. The Processes and Components of a System
    6. Quiz
    7. Work, Energy, Force, and Efficiency
    8. Calculating Work
    9. Understanding Work
    10. 6 Simple Machines
    11. Understanding Mechanical Advantage
    12. Quiz
    13. Energy in Mechanical Systems
    14. Productivity with Systems in Various Industries
    15. Evolution of the Cell Phone
    16. Quiz
    17. Pulley Experiment and Mechanical Advantage
    18. Rube Goldberg Machine
    19. Owner’s Manual Exploration
    20. The Impacts of New and Evolving Systems
    21. Meeting Needs with Existing Systems – Different Perspectives
    22. Unit Test
    23. Videos

    Grade 8 Unit - Water Systems

    1. Introduction Lesson - Safety Lesson
    2. Unit Vocabulary QR Code Scavenger Hunt
    3. The Water Cycle & States of Water
    4. Watersheds
    5. Human & Natural Factors Cause Changes in the Water Table
    6. Human & Natural Factors Cause Changes in the Water Table
    7. Inquiry
    8. Factors that Affect Glaciers & Polar Ice Caps
    9. Atmospheric Conditions & Bodies of Water
    10. Mid-Unit Water Systems Quiz
    11. Virtual Water Treatment Plant
    12. Testing Water Samples (3 options)
    13. Investigating Local Water Issues
    14. Bottled Water Case Study
    15. Building a Water System Device
    16. Global Water Consumption
    17. Human Impact on Water Systems
    18. Innovative Water Technology
    19. Water Systems Unit Test
    20. Sub Plans

    Teacher Feedback

    1. “Being new to the intermediate grades last year, I was overwhelmed by all of the new content I was responsible for teaching. Having this guide allowed me to concentrate more on my other subjects knowing that I was always ready for my next science class.”
    2. “I have a difficult 7/8 split this year-and this resource has helped one group stay on task while I work with the other.  It has saved my science period.”
    3. “Such a great comprehensive resource to use with my split grade. The material is kid friendly and easy to navigate and they love the escape rooms for each unit.”

    This bundle contains the following resources: 

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