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Grade 7 History Bundle New France, British North America, and Conflict 1713-1850

Grade 7 History Bundle New France, British North America, and Conflict 1713-1850

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Total Pages: 626 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
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In this comprehensive unit, Grade 7 History Bundle New France, British North America, and Conflict and Challenges 1713-1850, teachers are equipped with 45 in-depth, engaging, and cross-curricular lessons. These lessons will help teachers to immerse their Grade 7 students in the fascinating world of Canadian history. Covering New France, British North America, and the Conflict and Challenges eras from 1713 to 1850, this unit seamlessly integrates Language Arts and History, providing a rich and diverse learning experience.

This dynamic unit offers an approach to teaching Grade 7 History, empowering teachers to deliver engaging lessons that inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of Canada's historical past. With its comprehensive resources, alignment with curriculum expectations, and adaptability to both traditional and digital learning environments, this unit is a valuable asset for every middle school teacher seeking to foster a love for history in their students.

  • Curriculum Alignment: Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2023 Grade 7 Strand A and B.

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    What’s Included in this Comprehensive Unit?

    • 45 Engaging Lessons: Use these well-designed and captivating lessons designed to keep students interested and actively participating.
    • Audio MP3 Files of Student Readings: Audio recordings of the students’ reading materials, allowing them to listen to the content for understanding and accessibility.
    • Print and Digital Formats: Student pages and materials are presented in Google Slides format, facilitating easy sharing, collaboration, and interaction in digital learning environments.
    • Daily Lesson Plans: Detailed plans outlining the activities and resources for each day’s lesson, helping teachers to structure their teaching effectively.
    • Student Choice: Students are provided with options and opportunities to make decisions about their learning.
    • Differentiated Tasks: Tailored tasks and activities designed to meet students’ individual learning needs.
    • Inquiry Learning: Assignments that encourage students to explore and investigate topics, fostering critical thinking skills.
    • Graphic Organizers: Visual tools and aids that will help your students organize information, making complex concepts easier to understand and remember.
    • Summative Assessment: Use this assignment to gauge students’ overall understanding.
    • Assessment Rubrics: Save time by using ready-made rubrics to assess learning.
    • Unit Test: This test was designed to assess students’ understanding and retention of the content covered.
    • Answer Keys: These are provided to make grading and feedback more efficient for teachers.
    • Individual PDFs of Student Pages: Digital copies of student materials provided in PDF format, suitable for posting on online platforms like Google Classroom™ for easy access and distribution.

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    Strand A Lesson Outline

    1. Important Events Sorting Activity (For)
    2. Historica Minutes Topic: Explorers & First Nations (As)
    3A. Canadian Settlement Objects Activity (As)
    3B. Haudenosaunee, Inuit and Métis (As)
    4. Map of New France 1700 Creation and Analysis (As/Of)
    5A. The Creation of New France (As)
    5B. Medical Care in the 1700s (As)
    6. New France Vocabulary QR Code Matchup (For)
    7. Historical Figures Monologues (As/Of)
    8. New France Inquiry Stations (As/Of)
    9. Mid-Unit Test Review and Test (Of)
    10A. The Treaty of Utrecht (As)
    10B. Treaties and Pontiac’s Resistance (As)
    11. The Acadians (For/As)
    12. The Seven Years’ War (As)
    13. The Treaty of Paris, The Proclamation & The Quebec Act
    14. The American Revolution (As)
    15A. The Loyalists (As/Of)
    15B. The Impact of the Loyalists’ Migration on the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (As)
    16. Constitution Act 1791 (As)
    17. British North America Summative Task (Of)
    18. Unit Review and Test (Of)

    Strand B Lesson Outline

    Introduction: Top 10 List of Events from 1713-1800
    1A. Establishing Upper Canada (As)
    1B. Métis & Settler Relations (As)
    2. Historica Minutes: War of 1812 (As)
    3. War of 1812 Overview Reading (As)
    4. War of 1812 Inquiry Stations (As/Of)
    5. War of 1812 Newspaper Article (Of)
    6A. Results of the War of 1812 (As)
    6B. Mackinac & Drummond Islands & The Treaty of Ghent (As)
    7. A Question of Identity: The War of 1812 (As)
    8. War of 1812 Review & Quiz (Of)
    9. Life in Lower Canada (As)
    10. The Rebellions in Lower Canada (As)
    11. Life in Upper Canada (As)
    12. The Rebellions in Upper Canada (As)
    13. Rebellions Quiz (Of)
    14A. Canada A People’s History (Optional) (As)
    14B. Legal Issues (As)
    15A. Politics in British North America (As)
    15B. British – Indigenous Treaties (As)
    16. Conflict and Challenges Summative Task (Of)
    17. Unit Review and Test (Of)

    Teacher Feedback

    1. “Great product! It’s enormous but has everything I’ll need for my gr. 7 history unit! Thank you so much!”
    2. “I can’t say enough good things about this resource! This and the grade 8 history pack were some of my first TPT purchases and they were lifesavers. I was thrown into these classes that were using the same textbooks I had when I was a student. Thanks for all your hard work. The students loved the activities and the inquiry projects were essential in improving their presentation skills.”
    3. “An amazing resource! Easily adapted to other curriculums and grade levels. Topics can easily be added to build up concepts”
    4. “I had a split 7-8 and had never taught grade 7 before. This bundle was invaluable in helping me cover the curriculum with my class. I used it in conjunction with the grade 8 bundle and it was easy to use.”

    This Unit Supports A Curriculum That Requires Teachers To Cover:

    • New France
    • Indigenous Treaties
    • First Nations and Explorer Relationships
    • The Treaty of Utrecht 1713
    • The Seven Years’ War
    • The Transfer of Power of Canada from France to Britain
    • The Expulsion of the Acadians
    • The Impact of the American Revolution on Canada
    • The Loyalists
    • The Constitution Act of 1791
    • The Background Upper and Lower Canada
    • The Background to the War of 1812
    • The Major Canadian Battles During the War of 1812
    • The Results of the War of 1812
    • Post-War Era in Upper and Lower Canada
    • The Rebellions of 1837-1838
    • The Durham Report
    • The Act of the Union
    • The Rebellion Losses Bill

    Additional Grade 7 History Resources

    Notes: The internet is required to access videos in this unit. Research is not included for inquiry stations. Students must gather the research themselves from a textbook, non-fiction books or online sources.

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