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Grade 7 History Units 1713-1850 French Edition Ontario Curriculum

Grade 7 History Units 1713-1850 French Edition Ontario Curriculum

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Total Pages: 523 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
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Grade 7 Ontario History Bundle | FRENCH EDITION La Nouvelle-France, L’Amérique du Nord britannique, Les conflits et défis au Canada.

Teachers are provided with 38 in-depth, engaging, and cross-curricular lessons to help their students explore and understand New France, British North America, and the Conflict and Challenges eras 1713 - 1850 of Canadian history. This unit integrates Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Oral, Media), History, and Art. This unit is aligned with the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 7 Strand A and B.

  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom.

This unit was translated for use in a French Immersion classroom. Lesson plans and answer keys are in English, all student pages are written in French.

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Aligns with 2018 Ontario Curriculum Units:

  • La Conquête et le passage au régime anglais
  • Conflits et défis au Canada (1713-1850)
  • Updated for the 2018 Ontario Social Studies changes.

This Canadian History Unit 1713-1850 supports a curriculum that teaches:

  • The background of New France
  • The Treaty of Utrecht 1713
  • The Seven Years' War
  • The transfer of power of Canada from France to Britain
  • The expulsion of the Acadians
  • The impact of the American Revolution on Canada
  • The Loyalists Arrival
  • The Constitution Act of 1791
  • The Background Upper and Lower Canada
  • The Background to the War of 1812
  • The major Canadian battles during the War of 1812
  • The Results of the War of 1812
  • Post War Era in Upper and Lower Canada
  • The Rebellions of 1837-1838
  • The Durham Report
  • The Act of the Union
  • The Rebellion Losses Bill

*******Regular and Reliable Internet Is Required For This Unit*******

Research is not included for inquiry stations. Students must gather the research themselves from a textbook, non-fiction books, or online sources. Several links to French online sources were provided. On rare occasions, if no French source, the link to the English site is provided, and the students can use a web page translator or the teacher can omit that link.

Lessons Included:

  • Introduction: Why do we study history?
  •  Important Events Sorting Activity
  • Explorers and First Nations Video Clips *internet access required, videos in French
  • Canadian Settlement Objects Activity
  •  Map of New France Creation
  • The Creation of New France
  • New France Vocabulary QR Code Match Up
  • Historical Figures Monologues
  • New France Guided Inquiry Stations
  •  New France Test
  •  Treaty of Utrecht
  • Primary Source Analysis on The Acadians
  •  The Seven Years' War
  • Government Documents After The Seven Years' War
  • The American Revolution
  • The Loyalists Guided Inquiry
  • Optional Video *internet access required
  • The Constitution Act of 1791
  • British North America Summative Task
  • British North America Unit Test
  • Top 10 List Events from 1713-1800
  • Establishing Upper Canada Reading
  • Historica Minutes Videos *internet access required, videos in French
  •  War of 1812 Overview
  • War of 1812 Inquiry Stations
  • War of 1812 Project
  • Results of the War of 1812
  • 1812 Movie *internet access required -movie only in English
  • War of 1812 Quiz
  • Life In Lower Canada
  • The Rebellions in Lower Canada
  • Life in Upper Canada
  • The Rebellions in Upper Canada
  • The Rebellions Quiz
  • Optional Videos *internet access required
  • Politics in British North America
  • Conflict and Challenges Summative Task
  • Unit Review & Test

Bundle Includes:

  • detailed unit overview
  • 38 different lessons
  • lesson plans for each lesson
  • interactive note-taking graphic organizers
  • assessment for, of and as learning breakdown
  • learning goals in student-friendly language
  • lessons divided up with title pages for easy access
  • lots of variety and student choice on assignments
  • detailed teacher and student directions
  • Q Chart to help students formulate good questions
  • inquiry stations research folder cover pages
  • inquiry station cards with detailed instructions
  • inquiry station graphic organizers to help students with their research
  • oral presentation assessment rubric
  • historical content assessment rubric
  • several quizzes to check for understanding
  • 3 Unit Tests
  • differentiated assessment formats

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The resource is provided in a secured non-editable PDF format.

Teacher Feedback

  1. "Merveilleux! Love the way this resource is laid out, the way there are multiple types of activities to allow for assessment of, as, and for learning as well as catering to students' individual learning styles. I'm also super thrilled that not only is it in French, it is written at a reading level that my extended French students can handle with a little support!"
  2. "I love these resources. I have purchased the Gr 7 and 8, French and English versions, and used them extensively. This version saves me the considerable effort of translating everything myself!"
  3. “Wow! This unit plan is amazing! I was so happy to see you had a French version! So many ready-to-go detailed lessons with excellent instructions! I can't wait to start using it next week! Thank you!!!!”
  4. "This is my first year teaching at the Elementary level and I have a split class. This resource is AMAZING and has saved me so much time. Your products are great!"
  5. "This resource is unreal! So useful and student-teacher-friendly! Merci!"
  6. "Our Grade 7/8 teacher left on leave and a new supply came in to take over. The supply had never taught History before so I bought this unit for him and he was SO pleased with how organized and simple it was to use! The kids loved it!"
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