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Middle School Canadian Thanksgiving Activities

Middle School Canadian Thanksgiving Activities

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Total Pages: 101 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Week
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Enhance your Canadian Thanksgiving festivities in your classroom with these Middle School Canadian Thanksgiving Activities. This resource contains 11 different Thanksgiving-themed activities, such as a non-fiction article, a 9-option choice board and a word call game. Note: This resource is about food and gratitude. It does not cover any traditional Thanksgiving narratives or stereotypes.

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Included Activities

  1. Non-Fiction Article (Regular and Modified)
  2. Thanksgiving Choice Board (9 Options)
  3. Word Search
  4. Crossword Puzzle
  5. Field Trip List
  6. Plan Your Menu
  7. Social Media Posts
  8. Vegetarian Thanksgiving Foods
  9. Dinner Guests
  10. Word Detective
  11. Thank You Card Lesson & Templates
  12. Whole Class Word Call Game
  • Non-Fiction Article: Delve into the history and traditions of Canadian Thanksgiving with a non-fiction article. Available in both regular and modified versions to accommodate various reading levels and needs.
  • Thanksgiving Choice Board: This choice board provides students with 9 different activity options ranging from a crossword puzzle to social media posts. 
  • Word Search & Crossword Puzzle: Challenge your students' word skills with themed word search and crossword puzzle activities. 
  • Field Trip List: Students will develop a list of possible field trips related to Canadian Thanksgiving in their local area.
  • Plan Your Menu: Design a delectable Thanksgiving feast with the menu planning template. 
  • Social Media Posts: Students will “share” their Thanksgiving by creating some fake social media posts from a unique perspective. 
  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving Foods: Students will research vegetarian options for traditional Thanksgiving foods. 
  • Dinner Guests: Students will decide who they are going to invite to Thanksgiving dinner. They can invite people they know in real life or celebrities. 
  • Word Detective: Students will work on their vocabulary skills by unscrambling Thanksgiving-themed words.
  • Thank You Card Lesson & Templates: Help students cultivate gratitude by designing personalized thank-you cards. This lesson guides students through the process of writing a thank you card.
  • Whole Class Word Call Game: Gather the whole class for a Thanksgiving word game. 

Resource Includes

  • 11 Thanksgiving Activities
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • MP3 Audio Files of Articles
  • Choice Board Format
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Answer Keys
  • PDF & Google Slides™ Formats

Teacher Feedback

  1. “Great resource to use with junior students as a reflection on the importance of Thanksgiving.”
  2. “This was perfect for the short week before Thanksgiving! Students were engaged!”
  3. "I have a multi-ethnic classroom with lots of newcomers. This lesson provided a great way to learn about traditions that are taken for granted by Canadian who have lived here. Students enjoyed the video, the reading and had little to no problem completing the comprehension questions. I found the answers revealed a great deal to me about what students were NOT understanding/missing. They had great fun with the choice board activities and made me laugh with some of their creative, wacky ideas on menus etc. Will definitely use this again next year."

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