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Podcast Listening Comprehension Bundle 2

Podcast Listening Comprehension Bundle 2

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Total Pages: 60 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
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Use this 12-lesson Middle School Podcast Listening Comprehension Bundle 2 as a comprehensive resource that immerses your students in the captivating world of podcasts created specifically for middle school classes. With 12 dynamic lessons centred around short podcast segments about consumers, companies, and marketing, this bundle is the ideal tool to elevate your students' listening comprehension skills.

Your students will embark on a fascinating journey into the world of marketing techniques employed to target young consumers as your students gain a profound understanding of the strategies used to captivate their attention. From dissecting online orders and exploring the ever-growing presence of delivery drones to unravelling the mysteries of Ghost Kitchens and the End of Free Returns, these lessons encompass a wide range of pertinent topics.

This convenient, no-prep bundle is highly adaptable and can seamlessly integrate into your classroom as sub plans, asynchronous assignments, homework tasks, or independent in-class activities.

This resource is available in both print and digital formats to suit your teaching style and classroom needs.

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Included Topics:

  • Food Delivery Tips
  • End of Free Returns
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Impulse Shopping
  • Unit Pricing
  • Secret Menus
  • Egg Prices
  • Donation Bins
  • Crowdsourced Shipping
  • Banned by Brands
  • Book Publishing
  • Halloween Stores
  • Subscription Boxes

What's Included In This Bundle:

  1. Detailed Lesson Plans
  2. 12 Listening Comprehension Lessons
  3. Graphic Organizers
  4. Journal Entries
  5. Answer Keys
  6. Print & Digital Formats

In this bundle, you'll find comprehensive teacher instructions, graphic organizers to aid comprehension, journal entry prompts to encourage critical thinking, and an answer key for easy assessment. The flexibility and convenience of this resource ensure that you can effortlessly incorporate it into your curriculum.

Take your students on an exciting journey through the world of podcasts and equip them with essential listening comprehension skills. Grab your copy of the Middle School Podcast Listening Comprehension Bundle 2 today.

Teacher Feedback

  1. “This was an effective tool to use with my students. It was easy to use.”
  2. “Excellent addition to our podcasts unit. Gives students a taste of various different podcasts.”
  3. “My students and I enjoyed using this resource. What a great resource to help create meaningful lessons after testing is complete and students still need to be engaged in the learning process. My students were able to answer the questions and use their listening skills to comprehend on a deeper level. Thanks!”

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