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Valentine's Day Unit

Valentine's Day Unit

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Are you looking for an exciting and educational way to bring the excitement around Valentine’s Day into your middle school classroom? Check out this engaging Middle School Valentine’s Day Unit, available in both print and digital formats, and designed with middle school students in mind.

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    Unit Overview:

    • Introduction - Share Kindness With Others Challenge
    • Lesson 1 - The History of Valentine's Day Article
    • Lesson 2 - Valentine's Day Opinion Questions
    • Lesson 3 - Fishbowl Class Discussion & Opinion Writing Assignment
    • Lesson 4 - Vending Machines Podcast Lesson
    • Lesson 5 - Valentine's Day Choice Board
    • Lesson 6 - Valentine's Day Creative Writing Assignment 
    • Lesson 7A - QR Code Vocabulary Search
    • Lesson 7B - Valentine’s Day Word Detective, Word Search & Crossword Puzzle
    • Lesson 8 - Valentine's Day Word Call Game

    Introduction: Share Kindness With Others Challenge

    Set the tone with a heartwarming activity that encourages kindness and empathy among students.

    Lesson 1: The History of Valentine's Day Article

    Delve into the captivating history behind Valentine's Day through an article tailored for middle school comprehension. This article comes in both regular and modified versions.

    Lesson 2: Valentine's Day Opinion Questions

    Encourage critical thinking with thought-provoking opinion-based questions. 

    Lesson 3: Fishbowl Class Discussion & Opinion Writing Assignment

    Foster a dynamic classroom environment with an interactive fishbowl discussion, sparking insightful opinion-based writing.

    Lesson 4: Vending Machines Podcast Lesson

    Innovative learning unfolds with a captivating podcast lesson, exploring the use of vending machines in retail.

    Lesson 5: Valentine's Day Choice Board

    Empower students with through a choice board featuring diverse activities, catering to various interests.

    Lesson 6: Valentine's Day Creative Writing Assignment

    Students will select one of the provided character roles: Lost Valentine, Candy Hearts, Box of Chocolates, Stuffed Animal and Flowers and create a written or visual product based on the character's specific writing prompt.

    Lesson 7A: QR Code Vocabulary Search

    Incorporate technology seamlessly with a vocabulary search activity utilizing QR codes for an interactive lesson.

    Lesson 7B: Valentine’s Day Word Detective, Word Search & Crossword Puzzle

    Boost vocabulary and problem-solving skills with fun and challenging word games tailored for the season.

    Lesson 8: Valentine's Day Word Call Game

    Wrap up the unit with an engaging word-based game that reinforces learning while keeping the excitement alive.

    What’s Included:

    • 10 Valentine’s Day-Themed Literacy Activities
    • Detailed Teacher Instructions
    • 1 Non-Fiction Article
    • MP3 Audio Files of Article
    • Comprehension Questions
    • Creative Writing Assignment
    • Opinion Questions
    • Fishbowl Discussion Template
    • Opinion Writing Assignment (Paragraph or Essay)
    • Exemplars and Templates
    • Levels & Points-Based Rubrics
    • Answer Keys
    • Word Detective, Word Search & Crossword Puzzle, Word Call Games
    • PDF & Google Slides™ Formats

    Teacher Feedback

    1. “This is an engaging unit that has a number of activities for students to do.  They are creative and fit well with any language program!”
    2. “This is a great mini unit for students with a variety of activities that incorporate student choice. My students were engaged and enjoyed learning about Valentine's day in an age appropriate manner.”
    3. “Great product. Loved the 2 choice boards, as I have a split. My students loved the fishbowl discussion.”
    4. “Very user-friendly. My students liked the variety of creative writing prompts. I enjoyed the pre-made rubrics that were easy to use and adapt.”

    Transform your classroom into a hub of learning and celebration with this Middle School Valentine’s Day Unit. Engage, inspire, and infuse the joy of the season into your curriculum!

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