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Email Etiquette Unit - Digital Citizenship Lessons

Email Etiquette Unit - Digital Citizenship Lessons

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Total Pages: 80 Pages
Answer Key: Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Week
File Type: Zip

Unlock the secrets of digital communication with this email etiquette unit for middle school students!

Equip your students with the essential skills to navigate the online world with confidence and professionalism. This comprehensive Email Etiquette Unit is carefully designed to help your students thrive in the digital realm. Whether your classroom is virtual or in-person, this resource is a must-have for every middle school teacher seeking to foster respectful and appropriate online behaviour.

With 6 engaging lessons, your students will master the art of communicating effectively in the digital age. From composing polite emails to navigating online learning platforms like Google Classroom™ and Microsoft Teams™, this unit covers it all. As an added bonus, print and digital formats are offered, allowing seamless integration into your classroom's unique needs.

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Lesson Overview:

  • Lesson 1 - Email Etiquette
  • Lesson 2 - LMS (Online Learning) Etiquette
  • Lesson 3 - How To CC / BCC On An Email
  • Lesson 4 - How To Attach Files To An Email
  • Lesson 5 - How To Organize Your Inbox
  • Lesson 6 - When To “Reply,” “Reply All,” and Forward an Email

What's Included:

  1. Engaging Lessons: Dive into lessons, providing practical guidance on email etiquette, online learning manners, effective CC/BCC usage, proper file attachments, and inbox organization.
  2. Graphic Organizers: Help your students visualize and organize their newfound knowledge with graphic organizers, assisting with comprehension and retention.
  3. Google Slideshow: Access the Google Slideshow, designed to captivate your students' attention while delivering crucial lessons on digital citizenship.
  4. Teacher Instructions: The guesswork has been taken out of implementing this unit. Clear and concise teacher instructions will guide you every step of the way.
  5. Assessment Rubrics: Easily evaluate your students' progress and provide valuable feedback with our comprehensive assessment rubrics. Watch them grow and excel in their online interactions!
  6. Digital and PDF Formats: Seamlessly integrate this unit into your digital infrastructure (e.g., Google Classroom™) with individual PDFs and Google Slides™ formats for you to choose from.

Don't let your students fall behind in the digital landscape. Set them up for lifelong success with this Email Etiquette Unit. Nurture their digital citizenship skills and watch them become confident and courteous online communicators. Empower your students today for a brighter, more connected tomorrow.

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    Teacher Feedback 

    1. “I used this resource with all three of my LA classes, 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade. It was easy to adjust for the older students and engaging for the young ones. “
    2. “Sixth-grade students have no idea how to properly write an email. This lesson was very helpful.”
    3. “My 7th-grade teacher colleagues agreed that our students needed a lesson in email etiquette, and as the English teacher, I was elected to tackle this. This resource was a pleasure to use and really made a difference. Our students have become much more aware of how they come across in their emails and have become more aware of audience as they approach all of the writing tasks.”
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