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Media Literacy Unit - Analyzing Public Service Announcements and Commercials

Media Literacy Unit - Analyzing Public Service Announcements and Commercials

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Total Pages: 148 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 2 Weeks
File Size: 2 MB
File Type: PDF

Use this Media Literacy Unit to empower your middle school students! Are you looking to equip your students with essential media literacy skills in an engaging and dynamic way? 

This Media Literacy Unit is designed specifically for middle school students, offering a comprehensive 10-lesson program that will deepen their understanding of media and critical thinking.

By utilizing this Media Literacy Unit, you'll be equipping your students with essential skills that are not only relevant to their academic journey but also crucial in navigating today's media-saturated world. 

Empower your middle schoolers to become critical thinkers and media-savvy individuals who can confidently navigate the digital landscape. Grab this unit today and elevate your media literacy curriculum to new heights!

This resource is thoughtfully designed to cater to various learning needs and preferences.

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    Unit Includes:

    1. 10 Differentiated Lessons
    2. Detailed Teacher Instructions
    3. Lessons, Assignments, Rubrics
    4. Answer Keys
    5. Anchor Charts
    6. Regular or Modified Graphic Organizers
    7. Standards & Points-Based Assessments
    8. Group & Independent Work
    9. PDF & Google Slides™ Formats
    • Differentiated Lessons: Cater to diverse learning abilities with adaptable lessons that accommodate all students.
    • Detailed Teacher Instructions: Our comprehensive instructions make implementation a breeze, saving you time and effort.
    • Lessons, Assignments, Rubrics: Everything you need is at your fingertips, ensuring a smooth and seamless teaching experience.
    • Answer Keys: Simplify grading with our readily available answer keys.
    • Anchor Charts: Visual aids to support your lessons and enhance student understanding.
    • Regular or Modified Graphic Organizers: Choose the format that best suits your students' learning style and needs.
    • Standards & Points-Based Assessments: Align with educational standards and efficiently assess students' progress.
    • Group & Independent Work: Strike the perfect balance between collaborative activities and individual tasks.
    • PDF & Google Slides™ Formats: Seamlessly integrate our resources into your classroom, whether online or in-person.

    Lesson Overview:

    1. Introduction to Media, Media Literacy, and Critical Thinking
    2. Commercials vs. PSAs
    3. Commercial and PSA Techniques
    4. Modelled Commercial and PSA Analysis
    5. PSA Analysis Group Practice
    6. PSA Assessment
    7. Commercial Analysis Group Practice
    8. Commercial Assessment
    9. Creating Effective Videos
    10. Student-Directed PSA Creation

    Here's what our unit has to offer:

    • Introduction to Media, Media Literacy, and Critical Thinking: Lay the foundation for media literacy by introducing your students to the world of media and its impact on society. Foster critical thinking skills right from the start!
    • Commercials vs. PSAs: Help your students distinguish between commercials and public service announcements, gaining insights into the different purposes and techniques used in each.
    • Commercial and PSA Techniques: Delve into the fascinating world of advertising and explore the various techniques advertisers use to make commercials and PSAs effective.
    • Modelled Commercial and PSA Analysis: Show your students real-world examples of commercials and PSAs, guiding them through the process of analyzing and understanding the techniques used.
    • PSA Analysis Group Practice: Foster collaboration and teamwork as students work together to analyze and dissect different PSAs, honing their critical thinking abilities.
    • PSA Assessment: Assess your students' understanding and proficiency in PSA analysis, giving them the opportunity to showcase their newfound knowledge.
    • Commercial Analysis Group Practice: Extend the learning to commercials, encouraging students to apply their analytical skills to this form of media.
    • Commercial Assessment: Evaluate your students' comprehension of commercial analysis and monitor their progress.
    • Creating Effective Videos: Equip your students with practical skills in video creation, teaching them about camera angles, shots, and techniques to create compelling content.
    • Student-Directed PSA Creation: Let your students shine as they plan, create, and present their very own public service announcements.

    Teacher Feedback

    1. "This has great ideas. I love how the units are so well explained."
    2. "This seller has amazing products. I wish I can carry her around in my pocket all day when I teach! :) Thank you for your expertise and knowledge in making teaching and learning FUN and engaging."
    3. "This is a great resource to get the kids looking more critically at media."
    4. "My students are loving this unit! They are having soo much fun."
    5. "Absolutely love this unit :) So creative and very informative. My students are loving it. I can always count on you for great resources ."

    Resource Notes:

    Regular reliable internet access is required for this unit. This resource is a non-editable PDF.

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